Welcome to Fnora – the Social Network That Doesn't Fry Your Brain

Imagine, if you will, a social network which allows you to:

  • Proclaim your opinions to the General Public
  • Network with others in your field
  • Connect with fans
  • Debate your enemies
  • Ponder deep ideas with the Learned
  • Catch up with old friends
  • Share baby pics with family
  • And keep these activities reasonably separate!

And imagine all this without ads, popups, clickbait chain posts, spam bots, addictive suggested videos, evil robots, or supercilious censors getting in the way. This is Fnora, the all purpose national forum where the fnords are completely visible, for you to address or ignore as you see fit. And it's designed to let you focus on what you currently think is important.

Post in Style

If you just want to post grunts and GIFs, there's a great service for that: Twitter. Use it. Elon Musk needs the money.

But if you want to get fancy or post deep thoughts, Fnora is the place to be.

Fnora allows you to style text in all sorts of ways, including:

  • italics
  • bold
  • highlighted
  • crossed out
  • superscripts and subscripts
  • and more

And you are not limited to paragraphs. You can have

  • headings
  • equations
  • tables
  • and more

And you have all this power available for personal posts, blog posts, group posts, and even comments.

Learn more.

Make Your Brain More Happy

Learn more.

Fnora is Free for Now

This is the alpha test platform for Fnora. Those who have been gifted with the secret invitation code can use the system for free -- save for the cost of dealing with the bugs and missing features that come with any alpha test platform.

Once the platform matures, the alpha test platform will close to new members and a paid (but dirt cheap compared to the real cost of our ad supported competition) site will be launched on a beefier server.

Early adopters will have the option of participating in an affiliate program, where they get a piece of the action for the members they sign up and their friends and fans get a first year discount.

So Join Already!

If you have been gifted with the secret coupon, seize the day, and become part of the In Crowd. Join!

Or if you must learn all the features of Fnora before signing up, take the tour first.

And if you want to play with the formatting system, the interactive QTML tutorial works even if you aren't logged in. Check it out!